Coating Thickness Tester Related to Fireproof Coating Performance

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The coating thickness tester is a commonly used measuring instrument for detecting the coating thickness. Its precision and sensitivity are extremely high. It can intuitively display the specific coating thickness in a short time, which provides the basic for the construction worker's work practice. Guidance and methods. We often use coating thickness testers to measure the thickness of fire-resistant coatings on the steel pipe surface.

1. The role of fire protection coating for steel pipes

The basic function of this coating is to even the surface of the steel pipe to prevent spontaneous combustion and prevent external fire sources from burning. In addition, the fire-retardant coating has good airtightness and sealing, it can isolate the outside air and moisture. And it can also effectively prevent the redox reaction of the internal steel.

2. Thickness and actual performance of steel tube fireproof coating

The steel tube fireproof coating thickness is often directly related to its actual performance. Within the thickness range, the thinner fireproof coating also has decorative properties. The thicker fireproof coating, the stronger crack resistance and fire resistance. According to its basic coating thickness, we can be divided into the following three kinds of fire-resistant coatings:

(1) Thick fireproof coating

We use the coating thickness tester to find that the thick fireproof coating thickness is generally 7 mm to 45 mm. These fireproof coatings are tight and compact. The surface coating is also very dense. It can form a strong texture and not easy to crack on the surface of the steel structure, which also helps the internal material of the steel pipe to further reduce its temperature.

(2) Thin fireproof coating

The general thickness of the thin fire-retardant coating is between 3 mm and 7 mm. The appearance looks a little shiny, so this fire-retardant coating also has a good decorative. The fire resistance time of the thin fire-retardant coating can reach more than two hours, which is the middle fire-resistance duration among the three fire-retardant coatings. Generally speaking, the thin fireproof coating sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe not only effectively fireproofs, but also greatly enhances its aesthetics.

(3) Ultra-thin fireproof coating

The ultra-thin fire-resistant coating need to be accurately detected by a coating thickness tester. The ultra-thin fire-retardant coating also has the strongest decorative and plasticity. Its actual construction method is simple and the steps and procedures are simple. Therefore, the fire resistance performance is of a general level. The fire resistance time of the ultra-thin fireproof coatings on the market is about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

3. Coating thickness tester selection


In the selection of fire protection coatings for steel pipes, coating thickness testers play an irreplaceable important role. On the one hand, a high-quality coating thickness tester can help people determine the specific thickness of the fire-resistant coating required for steel pipes. On the other hand, it can also be used to help people select high-quality fire-resistant coatings.
Most of the inferior coatings on the market do not meet the standard thickness are filtered out by professional coating thickness testers. We should choose a wide range as much as possible, which can achieve a variety of sample measurements. It also needs to ensure the accuracy of the data.



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