How to Identify the Color Difference of Curtains?

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Although the color difference of curtains has always plagued the majority of curtain manufacturers, this is not an unsolvable problem. In this article, we will introduce the identification and treatment methods of curtain color difference.

1. How to deal with the color difference of curtains?

Although the color difference of curtains has always plagued the majority of curtain manufacturers, it is not an unsolvable problem. During the printing and dyeing of fabrics, the performance of semi-finished products has a great impact on the stability of the final finished fabric color. By detecting the color difference and color consistency of semi-finished fabrics, the color difference of curtain fabric production can be effectively controlled. The condition of the semi-finished product is slightly changed. The color difference during printing and dyeing can be reflected. Especially when producing large quantities of fabrics, even the same variety of fabrics may eventually cause serious color deviations. In order to improve this situation, we need to strictly control each process, observe the status of each process in a timely manner to ensure that the process technology is consistent, the pigment formula is consistent and the printing and dyeing materials are consistent. The color deviation in the production process is detected in time through the visual colorimetric box or the colorimeter.

In order to reduce the influence of semi-finished products on the dyeing rate, the bleaching should develop a reasonable process. For the same variety of cloth, special attention should be paid to return orders, set machines, mature process production and improve the repeatability of the original single prescription. Avoid poor color printing and dyeing in production.


2. How to identify the color difference of curtain fabric?

Of course, the most common method for identifying the color difference of curtains is to manually match the color. Major curtain fabric manufacturers generally use standard light sources to detect the color difference of the fabric in the color light box. The principle of its application is that the light source is different, then the color of the fabric observed by people will be different. In order to unify the light source environment when the curtain fabrics are color-matched, visual inspection can be performed in the standard light source color-matching light box.

However, although this method is intuitive, due to the difference in viewing angles and color sensitivity of different observers. It is easily affected by mood and the final identification of the curtain fabrics color difference may not be accurate enough. In order to more accurately locate the color difference of curtain fabrics, it is necessary to use a precision colorimeter.

The precision colorimeter uses spectrophotometry to measure the absorbance of the measured substance at a specific wavelength or within a certain wavelength range. Through scientific and rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis, the color parameters of the sample are determined by detecting the spectral composition of the sample. The absolute value of Y, Z and the color difference value E, can also give the spectral reflectance value of the object. The detection can draw the spectral reflectance curve of the object color. Therefore, it is suitable for various complex color analysis. It is more authoritative for the color difference identification of curtain fabrics. It is undoubtedly the best choice to use a colorimeter to control the color difference of curtains!