Comparision of UV LED Light Source and High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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1. Related concepts of UV curing technology

The main purpose of UV curing technology is to quickly dry and cure some products that need curing under the environmental protection and energy saving. The ultraviolet rays required for UV curing have powerful energy and can radiate rays in multiple wavelength bands. The measurement with a professional UV energy meter is highly reliable.

2.  Light source of UV curing equipment

(1) UV LED point light source

As a light source of modern ultraviolet curing equipment, UV LED lamp has many characteristics such as high efficiency, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. It should be mentioned that the purity of the ultraviolet rays emitted by this UV LED lamp is very high. The temperature rise during operation is not large, which is also a kind of protection for the equipment.

(2) Traditional high-pressure mercury lamp

The high-pressure mercury lamp is not only the standard lamp of UV curing equipment but also the traditional light source used in the industry. When people use the high-pressure mercury lamp, they mainly value its low cost, high power and strong lighting effect. In the UV curing industry, high-pressure mercury lamps use its ultra-high temperature to cure products.

3. Similarities between LED light source and high-pressure mercury lamp 

Both UV LED lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps, as light sources of ultraviolet curing equipment, can achieve an excellent lighting effect. From a theoretical point of view, the principle of the two UV curing is the same and the role assumed in the equipment is the same. Both UV LED lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps use ultraviolet radiation energy, which can be accurately detected by a UV energy meter.


4. Difference between LED point light source and high pressure mercury lamp 

(1) Environmental protection

The UV LED point light source is very environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution to the environment. The main reason is that there is no ozone inside the UV LED tube, so it is an environmentally friendly light source. The high-pressure mercury lamp uses ozone. There are heavy metal elements such as mercury inside the lamp tube and the environmental protection index is relatively low.

(2) Ease of use

Generally speaking, the common UV LED point light source on the market and the high-pressure mercury lamp are used for a long time, but the former does not need to be preheated in advance, which can save some time and cost. In contrast, the high-pressure mercury lamp requires preheating It takes a while to reach the required working temperature.

(3) Energy

The energy emitted by the UV LED point light source and the high-pressure mercury lamp depends on its specific ultraviolet band. The former uses a cold light source and the latter is a very high temperature curing. The two light sources control the product differently. The high-pressure mercury lamp is prone to deform the cured product.
        After comparing the similarities and differences between the UV LED point light source and the high-pressure mercury lamp, we should know that the UV energy meter  is essential. The UV energy meter of Linshang Technology can collect data at high speed. Even in high temperature environment, it can be protected by its hard metal shell, so that it can work normally and its data will not be affected in any way. When choosing a suitable light source for the UV curing equipment, it is also necessary to consider the accuracy of the radiant energy of the lamp. The UV energy meter is designed for meeting this demand.



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