Fireproof Coating Thickness

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Plating thickness meter is a common coating thickness measurement tool for people. It can measure non-destructively non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate (such as aluminum, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc.) and non-conductive coating thickness (such as enamel, rubber, paint, plastic, etc.) on non-magnetic metal substrate (such as copper, zinc, tin, etc.). The plating thickness meter has the characteristics of small measurement error, high reliability, good stability, easy operation, etc. It is an indispensable coating thickness testing instrument for controlling and ensuring product quality.

plating thickness meter
Plating thickness meter test fireproof coating

1. Relevant knowledge of fireproof coating

Fire retardant coating consists of base material, dispersion medium, flame retardant, solvent, etc. The fire-resistant paint before the construction will burn in the event of fire. In fact, the flammable liquid solvent in the fire-resistant paint is burning, but the base material and flame retardant of the fire-resistant paint will not burn. Solvent-based fire-retardant coatings use organic solvents, such as No. 200 solvent gasoline, n-butanol, cyclohexanone, toluene, etc. Once these fire-retardant coatings leak out of the barrel, they can easily cause a fire. Fire retardant coatings applied to building components can only function as fire and heat insulation after the solvent has evaporated.
       At present, there are many types of fireproof coatings and the prices of fireproof coatings are also uneven. However, according to the use and thickness of fire retardant coatings, they are generally divided into ultra-thin fire retardant coatings, thin fire retardant coatings and thick fire retardant coatings.
       Fire-retardant paint is to brush the paint on the surface of those flammable materials, which can improve the fire resistance of the material, slow down the flame spread and spread speed. Fire retardant coating is a special coating used on the surface of flammable substrates, which can reduce the flammability of the coated material surface and retard the rapid spread of fire. Applied to the surface of flammable substrates to change the burning characteristics of the material surface to prevent the rapid spread of fire.

2. How to use the plating thickness meter?

There are three thicknesses of fireproof coating, which are ultra-thin, thin and thick steel structure instruments

  1. Thick type: the thickness of the coating is generally 7mm-45mm

  2. Thin type: the coating thickness is generally 3mm-7mm

  3. Ultra-thin type: the coating thickness is generally less than 3mm

If you need to detect the fireproof coating thickness, we recommend you to use Linshang LS223 plating thickness meter.

3. Direproof coating thickness detection

When measuring with the LS223 plating thickness meter, it is necessary to measure at the upper, middle and lower three positions not less than 1 cm from the edge of the sample plate. During the measurement, the plating thickness meter should be pressed down vertically and the probe of the surface plating thickness meter should be close to the paint film. After the measurement, take the thickness of each test point and calculate the average value. The final data is the paint film thickness.