How to Use and Maintain UV Energy Meter?

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1. What is UV energy meter?

The UV energy meter is a ultraviolet energy and intensity measurement tool. The UV energy meter is an instrument used to measure the light energy of different light sources under certain conditions. It is an extremely important curing quality detection instrument in production and life. UV energy meter is an essential tool for good control and realization of consistency of product curing quality
       The ultraviolet energy meter is a detection instrument used to detect the UV energy of the ultraviolet curing device on the conveyor belt of the production line. The purpose of the detection is to prevent the attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp and affect the ultraviolet curing process. An external high-pressure mercury lamp is used in the light curing. The power of this UV energy meter is generally in the range of several hundred watts to several kilowatts. But the rated power of the standard ultraviolet light source of the national metrology agency is only at the watt level. Therefore, the calibration and detection of UV energy meter by the national metrology agency can only calibrate its accuracy in a small power range. For the actual application of UV energy meters, the UV intensity cannot be confirmed and cannot be measured. That is to say, the UV energy meter is qualified when the signal is weak. The test may fail if the material is placed under a strong signal. The current national standard for UV standard light sources is relatively low. In this case, provide a new method for everyone to detect whether the UV energy meter is qualified under a strong signal.
       When the signal is weak, use a standard light source to detect its accuracy. In the case of strong signals, use a high-pressure mercury lamp plus a standard filter to detect the linearity of the instrument. Check the linearity of the ultraviolet energy meter under strong ultraviolet light according to the physical characteristics of the ultraviolet transmission rate of the standard filter that will not change. At the same position and the same light intensity, the same instrument, add a filter, start a test (light intensity or energy), remove the filter. Then test a data (light intensity or energy). Then repeat the above measurement at different distances and different light intensities.

2. How to use UV energy meter and maintain it?

(1) How to use UV energy meter? 

● Turn on the UV energy meter
● During the measurement process, remember to point the sensor at the ultraviolet light source to determine the validity of the measurement
● After the light source has irradiated the UV energy meter for a period of time, the instrument has recorded the UV light energy. At this time, the energy value can be read on the front display.

(2) UV energy meter maintenance

● Do not shake the UV energy meter vigorously.
● After the UV energy meter is measured, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the instrument is in a clean state and stored properly
● When measuring, please avoid placing the LCD screen on the front of the UV energy meter directly in a strong light or high heat environment.
● The UV light source is harmful and cannot be looked directly at during the measurement to prevent the exposed skin from being irradiated by strong light.



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