Paint Thickness Meter Used In Architectural Industry

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For the construction industry, the anti-corrosion and derusting work is definitely placed in a core position. In the process of this work, the paint thickness meter must be inseparable.

The anti-corrosion and rust removal work must be done before every project. You can imagine that in large construction sites, these scaffolding and lifting booms are exposed to the sun, rain and wind and rain every day. Construction tools mainly composed of metal will definitely be oxidized and corroded due to exposure.

paint thickness meter
paint thickness meter

In the work of anti-corrosion and rust removal, working staff generally use sandpaper to remove the oxides originally attached to the construction tools. Then apply anti-corrosion paint to the exterior of the construction tools. The anti-corrosion and rust removal work of the boom will be more careful. In addition to the above work, some key positions will also be coated with resin or lubricant to prevent the oxidation of the machine parts. After all, a lot of heavy materials such as steel and cement are lifted in the air every day. If the body is oxidized and corroded, unexpected consequences will be unimaginable.

Like the anti-corrosion and derusting work in other industries, the anti-corrosion paint thickness on the construction tools has its own set of standards. This kind of work related to life and safety must not allow a trace of cutting corners to occur and verify whether the anti-corrosion paint meets the standard. The instrument is the paint thickness meter. Due to the fast readings, it does not take too long to check the anti-corrosion and derusting work standards of an entire large construction site one by one, which not only guarantees the quality of work, but also guarantees the safety of production. There is an irreplaceable position in the industry.

Linshang paint thickness meter has the following advantages:

  1. The detection speed is fast and the data is measured within 0.5S, even if it is to check the construction tools one by one, it does not take a lot of time.

  2. Small size, easy to carry. It can detect scaffolding on the ground and the top of the boom at high places.

  3. The paint thickness meter uses a ruby probe, even if it is frequently used on the construction site, the probe won’t wear easily.

  4. The operation is simple. Accurate data can be obtained without making too many complicated clicks.

  5. In order to guarantee the safe production in the construction industry, please use Linshang paint thickness meter to check the paint thickness.