Application of Anti-corrosion Paint in Automobile Industry

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Metal is a material that is easy to rust and oxidize. Before use, manufacturers will paint a layer of anti-rust paint on the metal surface. Anti-corrosion paint is developed to protect metal or other materials from corrosion. This material is often used in our lives, such as cars, computer cases, shelves and so on. Let's get to know more about the anti-corrosion paint used in automobile industry.


1. Anti-corrosion paint used in car industry

The car has a total of 4 layers of paint, from the inside to the outside: varnish, color paint, middle coat and electric pulse layer. Functions of different coating thickness differ a lot.

Varnish: improve the glossiness of the car paint surface and block a small amount of ultraviolet rays and prevent slight scratches; color paint: color paint layer, giving people the most intuitive color experience. 

Intermediate coating: It has the function of connecting the color paint and the electric pulse layer. At the same time, it can resist ultraviolet rays and protect the electric pulse layer; 

Electric pulse layer: can protect the car body. It has the functions of anti-rust and improving the bonding force of the paint layer.

If the wound is varnish, paint and middle coat, it can be repaired. But once the electric pulse layer is scratched, it cannot be repaired, because the repair of the electric pulse layer requires the entire car shell to be placed.

2. How to measure anti-corrosion paint thickness on the car?

So once there is damage on the electrical pulse layer, the possibility is very small. Anti-corrosion of automobile metal is important. In the process of automobile anti-corrosion, automobile metal surface coating thickness measurement is nacessay to ensure its quality. Many people choose paint thickness meter to measure automobile paint thickness instead of believing their experience.

paint thickness meter
paint thickness meter

3. Paint thickness meter used for car paint thickness test

Paint thickness detector, also known as coating thickness gauge, is a special instrument for measuring the car paint thickness on automobile substrate. The covering surface of the car is basically covered with paint. Using a paint thickness meter to measure the paint surface thickness can directly know whether the car has been repainted or repaired with sheet metal. People can also indirectly know the vehicle accident damage.

Advantages of LS220 paint thickness meter: The LS220 paint thickness meter has a small size and is particularly suitable for carrying around when going out for inspection. 

It has the characteristics of fast test speed, stable test data and high measurement accuracy. 

Paint thickness meter working principle: Linshang LS220 paint thickness meter adopts magnetic thickness method and eddy current thickness method, which can be used to measure the non-magnetic coating thickness on the magnetic substrate. It can also be used to measure the non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic metal surfaces.



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