Paint Thickness Tester | Test Method of Helicopter Surface Coating

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Due to the diversity of the environment in which the helicopter is located, the anti-corrosion performance of the helicopter often determines its service life. In order to ensure that the helicopter can reach the expected service life, especially for some helicopters with a long service life, the army will continue to test and improve the anti-corrosion coating on the helicopter surface to increase the service life of the helicopter.

1. Helicopter surface coating performance:

  1. Increase the service life: With the increasing service life of the helicopter, the corrosion damage of the helicopter will continue to accumulate. If the coating is not protected for a long time, it will reach the service life in advance and shorten the expected life.

  2. Saving military expenses: When the helicopter surface is corroded, it will greatly increase the repair cost of the helicopter, reduce the helicopter in-position rate and affect its combat status and performance.

  3. Absorbing radar waves: The stealth fighter surface adopts special paint, which can absorb the radio waves emitted by the radar and reduce the chance of being discovered.

  4. Reduce air friction: The special coating surface can reduce the friction force of the aircraft during flight, increase the service life. At the same time, reduce the heat generated by the friction between the aircraft and the air.

2. How to detect the helicopter surface coating thickness?

In order to be able to know the damage of the helicopter surface coating in time, the staff needs to regularly check the helicopter surface coating. Due to the high cost of the helicopter, even professionals won’t cause damage to the helicopter surface coating based on experience alone. According to the evaluation, if there are some errors, the severity of the consequences is incalculable.
        There will be professional instruments to detect the damage of the coating. Linshang  LS220H paint thickness testers are both magnetic and eddy current paint film testing instruments, which are suitable for testing on a variety of magnetic metal bodies and non-magnetic metal bodies. The measurement standards strictly follow the national regulations and rules. The data is accurate. The probe of LS220H paint thickness tester is ruby, which greatly increases its service life.

paint thickness tester

LS220H Paint Thickness Tester

LS220H paint thickness tester is small in size, easy to carry. It does not require complicated operations. After performing zero adjustment of paint thickness tester, it can be measured in only 0.5 seconds. It plays an indispensable role in the protection and maintenance of the helicopter.
        For the expensive equipment such as helicopters, you must be cautious in the process of protecting them. Only when you know the damage of the coating on the helicopter surface and professional measurement data in time, can you made improvements to the surface coating. For more information about Linshang paint thickness tester, please read "Coating Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ".