Where Are Painting Thickness Gauges Used?

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Linshang painting thickness gauge LS225 is an instrument used to detect the nonmagnetic coating thickness on ferromagnetic metal substrates. The instrument has high accuracy and good repeatability. It can easily detect the ultra-thin coating thickness below 10 μm. It can be well understood whether the quality of the processed products can reach the standard range.

In the manufacturing or electroplating industries, painting thickness gauges are used for measurement and analysis. Painting thickness gauge LS225 is generally used in the following measurement occasions:

1. Electroplating

Surface plating processing is the most commonly used field for coating thickness measurement. The types of plating materials that can be measured are also very wide. Different plating product categories have clear requirements and standards for the thickness of the plating layer, such as the plating of various commonly used household appliances. In order to maintain good adhesion, it is not easy for paint to fall off within the standard range.

2. Spraying occasions

In various industries that need to spray paint, it is also necessary to use a painting thickness gauge to meet the specific inspection of the coating thickness, in order to understand whether the sprayed accessories have reached the coating standard.

3. Mechanical parts manufacturing

With the development of the machinery industry, all kinds of assembly parts have put forward higher requirements. Through the coating treatment, the life of the mechanical parts can be extended by about 10 times. It is detected by the painting thickness gauge. It also plays an important role in manufacturing.

painting thickness gauge with test fixture
painting thickness gauge with test fixture

4. Professional testing organization

Some professional testing institutions also need a painting thickness gauge used to detect various metals, so it is very necessary to choose a high-precision instrument. Accurate measurement of the coating thickness can be maintained through dedicated probes and test fixtures to maintain good stability and continuous material testing and analysis.

The painting thickness gauge LS225 has ultra-high measurement accuracy and repeatability. The manufacturer also provides special test fixtures for customers to purchase. The ultra-thin coating thickness below 10μm can be easily detected.



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