Is the Disinfection of UV Germicidal Lamps Harmful?

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Through the joint prevention of the entire population, China's epidemic prevention and control has achieved initial results. In many places, the number of confirmed cases has been increasing for several consecutive days. As the return to work is approaching, more and more people are returning to work. Many people also started to gather outside, but now is not the time to relax. We still have to pay attention to daily protection and disinfection!

Many people have questions about disinfection. Can UV light be used for disinfection? The answer is yes. According to the National and Health Commission's "Guidelines for the Public Protection of New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia", coronavirus is sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectants, 75% ethanol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid and ultraviolet light. Both these things can inactivate the virus. Therefore, UV lamp disinfection has a certain effect on the prevention of new coronavirus.

Ultraviolet rays are sunlight with a wavelength of 10 to 400 nanometers (nm) and can be divided into UVA (ultraviolet A, wavelength 320 to 400 nanometers, long wave), UVB (wavelength 280 to 320 nanometers, medium wave), UVC (wavelength 100 to 280 nm, short wave) 3 kinds. Ultraviolet UVC wavelength, 200 ~ 275nm, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit short-wave UVC. UVC sterilization is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms by using ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelengths, causing growth cell death or regenerative cell death to achieve the effect of sterilization . The new crown pneumonia virus happens to be an RNA structure. Therefore, UV sterilization is useful for preventing new coronary pneumonia.

uvc digital light meter

However, many people worry that UV sterilization can cause harm to the human body. After long-term use of the germicidal lamp, it is likely that the light source will decline. The germicidal lamp after the decline will not achieve the required germicidal effect. Therefore, we need to regularly use the UVC digital light meter to detect the radiation intensity of the germicidal lamp. Although UVC has the weakest penetration ability than UVA and UVB, it has the greatest damage to the human body. Short-term exposure can burn the skin. Long-term or high-intensity exposure can also cause skin cancer. Therefore, when we choose an UVC digital light meter, we need to choose an instrument equipped with Bluetooth function. Linshang LS126C UVC digital light meter is a professional instrument for measuring the intensity of UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamps, that is, the power of ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area. The instrument is delivered with a 1-meter test hook in accordance with the 1-meter test requirements specified in the "WST 367-2012 Medical Institution Disinfection Technical Specifications" to ensure full compliance with the test standards. The LS126C UVC digital light meter also has a Bluetooth data transmission function. After connecting with the mobile phone APP, it can monitor the intensity of the germicidal lamp in real time from a certain distance to avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays during the test.

With the powerful function of Bluetooth, customers do not need to worry about being injured by UVC when using it. The state stipulates that the ultraviolet radiation intensity of a 30W straight tube needs to reach 70μW / cm2 to pass the sterilization effect. The new tube needs to reach 100μW / cm2 or more. If you need to use ultraviolet sterilization, you can buy a UVC digital light meter to check whether the uv radiation intensity of the germicidal lamp is qualified.

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