American EIT Four-Band UV Power Puck

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The data reference mode is used to compare readings.
     The US EIT brand has always been the benchmark in the UV power puck industry and its UV Power Puck II model is a four-band UV power puck that can be measured. UVA (320-390 nm), UVB (280-320 nm), UVC (250-260 nm), UVV (395-445 nm). This product can be used for high speed conveyor belts or slower product lines and measurement is compatible with other EIT products. The detailed parameters of the product are as follows:

UV measurement units

mJ/cm2, mW/cm2, J/cm2, W/cm2, uJ/cm2, uW/cm2
Measurement range  UVA (320-390nm), UVB (280-320nm), UVC (250-260nm), UVV (395-445nm)
Communication port PC/PDA conforms to serial communication protocol
Measurement accuracy ±10%, ±5% typical
Operating temperature  0-75 °C internal temperature
Power supply AAA alkaline battery
Weight 289g
Dimensions 4.60*0.5/117*12.7 (inches)

US EIT four-band UV power puck II has the following features:
1. With setting function to provide user-selectable meter mode for data analysis, comparison and operation settings. The data reference mode is used to compare readings. It is very useful when the system is installed and troubleshooting.
2. The user can store the selected UV reading as a baseline or reference reading and then compare it to another reading. The power puck displays two readings and indicates the percentage change between readings.

EIT UV power puck

3. The data of 4 bands can be displayed on the display at the same time, allowing the operator to read it quickly. There is no need to switch for getting 8 values. Softkeys are used for function selection and are indicated at the bottom of the display for easy operator selection and use.
The four-band UV power puck conforms to the data collected by the PC/PDA in accordance with the serial communication protocol download to the computer for statistical analysis and data recording, as well as process verification. The graphical mode shows the UV illuminance and energy of each UV band acquired. The graphic shows that the illumination changes with time. The graph shown on the right shows the curing system for 1/2 lamps. The US EIT four-band UV power puck is designed for easy operation and one-button operation. It is very convenient during the measurement process.