Eddy Current Thickness Gauge | What are the Metal Coating Processes?

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The basic metal coating process requires surface cleaning before the anti-corrosion construction of metal equipment. This can ensure that the coating and the base metal are in good contact. However, the surface of general metal parts usually has oxidation, rust, burrs, oil and moisture. So metal must be carefully treated.

Electroplating in metal coating can make the surface of the equipment beautiful and it can prevent rust and corrosion. Therefore, electroplating is widely used in production. However, due to the limitations of electroplating equipment, ordinary factories do not have such a workshop. Therefore, this method is not commonly used. Most of them are metal spray protection on metal surfaces.

Metal spraying uses compressed air to atomize molten metal into particles and spray it on the surface of the workpiece to form a metal coating layer. Before spraying, the surface is derusted and then coated. Because the spraying process and equipment are relatively simple. They are basically not restricted by the size and shape of the equipment and parts. And they are widely used in preventing high temperature oxidation, high temperature carbon dioxide corrosion in sulfuric acid production.

metal coating surface

The ultimate purpose of any metal coating process is to protect the surface of metal workpieces to form a protective layer and to protect metal workpieces from corrosion and rust. But in the metal coating process, the detection of the coating thickness on the metal surface is also an extremely important step. The coating thickness is an important indicator of whether the anticorrosive coating works. Measuring the thickness of a coating with an anti-corrosion eddy current thickness gauge is one of the most important quality inspection indicators of an anti-corrosion coating.

eddy current thickness gauge

For anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion eddy current thickness gauges are almost essential instrument for coating thickness measurement. The coating has been applied in various industries and it is easy to detect. Linshang LS223 eddy current thickness gauge adopts magnetic thickness measurement and eddy current thickness measurement principles, which can be used to measure the non-magnetic coating on the surface of magnetic substrates thickness of. It can also be used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal surfaces. The instrument adopts a separate design of the host and probe, which is very suitable for the narrow space of the steel frame. It is very convenient to view the data while measuring in complex environments.