How to Improve the Gloss of Stone?

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There are many small scratches on the stone surface, which causes diffuse reflection of light. The high gloss of the stone is reflected by the light. If the surface of the stone is flat and dense, the reflected light is uniform and the gloss is high. On the contrary, if the stone has more scratches, uneven surfaces and loose texture, It will cause diffuse reflection of light, resulting in low gloss.
       Regardless of whether it is a newly renovated stone or a stone that has been refurbished after use, with the normal use of the material and the passage of time, the wear and tear of the stone will become more and more serious. Its gloss will become lower and lower. So how should we treat the stone with low gloss?
       If effective and timely home care is adopted, the gloss will be maintained for a long time. If it is only for the maintenance of daily cleaning, the corrosion on the outside of the stone and the changes on the inside of the stone will make the surface characteristics of the stone worse and even affect normal operation. At this time, remedial measures are used to restore it, but whether it can be restored to the original level depends on the degree of wear and recovery. If the landing range is within the recovery capability, the natural energy can be restored to the original level. If the falling range exceeds the recovery ability, it will not reach the original level. As such, the gloss will gradually drop, so that it cannot reach the request for use. At that time, the original gloss can be restored only by refurbishing the stone, which will cause the original gloss. 


The luster of the stone will be well maintained after the completion of the stone, which will keep the stone for a long time. It lasts as long as it is new and it is in a state of ideal visual effects.
       The correct choice of crystal surface treatment has long been widely used by major hotels and high-end properties, because of its strong workability, high gloss and hardness, making daily nursing work easier, so it is recommended to choose the crystal surface treatment technology.
       Establishing a fair homecare cycle and frequency. The establishment of a homecare frequency is based on the flow of people and usage. It is irresponsible to maintain the effect of 1 year after the crystal surface treatment. Based on years of surveys on the use of many 3 to 5 star hotels and high-end properties, it can be used for one visit. The ideal effect can be maintained in a hotel lobby and elevator room for 1-5 days. The stone terrane use situation of each hotel is not the same. According to the actual situation, after investigating the comprehensive situation of passenger flow, use status, cleanliness and other conditions, a fair nursing cycle and frequency should be formulated. The outdoor stone effect may be further discounted.
       The effect that should be achieved is based on the above-mentioned frequency. The crystal surface treatment process is adopted to support it. The ideal effect of resistance to pollution and easy cleaning can be achieved, so that the stone is in a good state of cleanliness, gloss and hardness all year round. The overall texture and clarity appear. 

Stone gloss test

Marble gloss meter

To determine the gloss of the stone, we use a professional marble gloss meter to measure it. The Linshang LS192 marble gloss meter uses the projection principle of 60 degrees. In simple terms, the marble gloss meter is placed on the surface of the stone. A 60-degree light is projected out and then the light at a 60-degree angle is refracted back. The light flux reflected from the measured stone is compared with the standard board through a series of internal electronic components. LS192 marble gloss meter is mainly composed of light source, lens, receiver and display. This marble gloss meter can be used not only for measuring marble and granite, but also for terrazzo, ceramic tiles, plastic flooring.