Coating Thickness Control of Sheet Metal Spray Paint

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The term "sheet metal spray paint" we often hear is probably used in car repairs. In fact, sheet metal spray painting is a process that can be used not only in the auto repair industry but also in home appliance repair. The quality of the sheet metal spray painting process is directly related to the appearance quality of the product. Let ’s take a look at the coating process thickness of the sheet metal spray coating, which is the best process parameter.

1. Influence of coating thickness on products

There are many factors that affect the quality and cost of sheet metal painting. For example: coating thickness of sheet metal spray paint, uniformity of sheet metal coating, fluctuation of sheet metal spraying, etc. The coating thickness of sheet metal spraying is best when it is within a reasonable range. Too thick or too thin coating will affect the coating performance.
       If the coating thickness is too thin, the scratch resistance of the coating is weak, which will affect the anticorrosive performance and rustproof performance of the sheet metal coating. If the coating thickness of sheet metal spray paint is too large, the coating is easy to fall off and sometimes unevenness will occur, which will directly affect the adhesion of the coating. If the thickness of the sheet metal spray coating is not up to standard, it will directly affect the "pass rate", which will cause the product to be repaired and reworked therefore increase the cost of the product. We need to use a paint thickness checker to properly control the coating thickness. 

2. Coating thickness of sheet metal spray paint

In this article, we take the air conditioner plug-in machine and condenser side plate as examples to study the coating thickness value of sheet metal spray paint. In the air-conditioning industry, the production workshop technology is mainly divided into two processes: stamping and spraying. Below we mainly understand spraying. Since 2008, the coating thickness of the air-conditioning spraying process is about 95 μm-89 μm. The pass rate of one-time pass is controlled at 98.5%. The slightly thinner coating thickness will be controlled between 76 μm and 80 μm. The pass rate for a single pass will be 99.2%. Based on this, we also measured the coating thickness of some brand products with a paint thickness checker. For example, the coating thickness of Panasonic Corporation is generally controlled between 60-70 μm and the pass rate of one-pass is 99.3%.

3. Coating thickness measurement with paint thickness checker 

Linshang paint thickness checkers mainly include LS220, LS220H, LS221, LS220B, LS223. Various paint thickness checkers can be used to measure different coating thickness. For example, the LS223 paint thickness checker is a paint thickness checker with wide measurement range. It is suitable for relatively thick fire-resistant coatings and anti-corrosive coatings. LS220 and LS220B are professional paint thickness checkers for automobiles. Especially LS220B, it is a Bluetooth paint thickness checker, which is very convenient to connect the mobile phone APP to measure the coating thickness of the car. LS221 is a split paint thickness checker suitable for small spaces.

bluetooth paint thickness checker

The coating thickness measurement of the sheet metal spray paint can be measured with the LS220B paint thickness checker . After connecting to the mobile phone APP, you can measure various parts of the car to make the measurement very convenient. 



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