How to Use UVC Light Meter to Ensure the UV LED Germicidal Lamps Efficacy?

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The use of UV LED lights is getting closer to our daily lives. For example, UVA LED lights can be used for curing glues, coatings, inks, etc .; UVB LED lights can be used for phototherapy; UVC LED germicidal lights can be used to destroy living cells and kill bacteria. With the advancement of technology, the application fields of LED light sources have become more and more extensive.

At present, many products equipped with this UV LED germicidal lamp appear on the market. For example, the door handle of UV LED germicidal lamp that can prevent the infection of public areas can be considered. If this product can be widely used, it will definitely be able to play an excellent role in safeguarding. However, due to the attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp intensity, the sterilization effect cannot be guaranteed. So it is necessary to periodically use an UVC light meter to detect its intensity to ensure the efficacy of the ultraviolet lamp.

Due to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, most people have chosen to stay at home to reduce contact with patients and carriers of the virus. After all, this is a type of infection that can be transmitted through contact and droplets may even be transmitted through aerosols. Recently we learned that a few years ago, researchers use UV LED germicidal lamps on public door handles, which can automatically clean and disinfect the handles. The two researchers are said to have been inspired by the SARS outbreak in 2003, when the virus was excreted through respiratory secretions, transmitted through oral fluids, sneezes, contact and spread through air droplets. So they designed this kind of UV LED germicidal lamp door handle that can automatically clean the door handle, mainly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and improve public health.

UVC light meter

Of course, products equipped with UV LED germicidal lamps may not be able to kill 100% of germs. The UV lamps used for sterilization will attenuate with the increase of the use time. If the attenuation return to a certain extent, its sterilizing effect cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when using this type of product, a professional UVC light meter must be used to regularly detect the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp. When testing the low-pressure mercury germicidal lamp conventionally used in hospitals, it is necessary to comply with the national standard of the response. For those non-standard LED germicidal lamps, it is also necessary to test the intensity of the LED lamp in use and the unused LED lamp to compare the intensity of attenuation and develop a response standard.

At present, Linshang Technology has developed a professional UVC light meter for detecting UV LED germicidal lamps. The instrument uses high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors. It has excellent data stability and can help users detect the ultraviolet irradiation intensity of the LED germicidal lamp and ensure the efficacy of the germicidal lamp.



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