Difference Between UV Light Meter and Illuminometer

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UV light meter and illuminometer are instruments for measuring light intensity, but UV light meter is special for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet rays. And the illuminometer measures the light intensity of visible light. Their functions vary widely.

UVC LED light meter

I. What's the Illuminometer?

Illuminometer is used to measure the luminosity, brightness, the unit is Lux, mainly used in public places for light illumination detection, lighting industry, photography, stage lighting layout and other places.

II. What's the UV light meter?

UV light meter is also called ultraviolet radiation meter, Unit is mw/cm2 or uw/cm2 (More information about UV intensity unit, please read UV Intensity Units and The Conversion ). According to the ultraviolet band, ultraviolet can be divided into UVA,UVB,UVC and so on, different waveband of ultraviolet can be used in different occasions. For example: UVC is mainly used for sterilization, UVB can be used to treat skin diseases, UVA can be used for curing. So in the purchase of UV light meter also depends on the wavelength of the light source .

III. Classification of UV light meter

The functions of difference wavelength varies and they have difference spectral response range. According to the spectral response range, the UV light meter can be divided into UVA light meter, UVB light meter and UVC light meter.

If you want to test the UVGI intensity of different wavelengths, you need different UV light meters. However, Linshang LS125 multi-probe UV light meter can help you solve this problem. LS125 multi-probe UV light meter can match nine probes: UVC-X0,UVCWP-X1,UVCLED-X0,UVB-X0,UVA-X0,UVA-X1,UVALED-X0,UVALED-X1,UVALED-X3. No matter you want to test the UVGI intensity of UVA,UVB and UVC, or you want to test the 254nm germicidal lamp and the LED lamp. One set of UV light meter can help you . You just need one host and the select the probes that you need.

For more information about the functions of different UV bands and UV light meter, please refer to "How to Select the Best UV Light Meter For Your Application?"