The Instruction of LS126C Ultraviolet Irradiance Meter

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The LS126C Ultraviolet Irradiance meter is specially used to detect the irradiation intensity of 254nm germicidal lamp. The instrument is equipped  with a standard 1 meter test hook and can be used without protective equipment. Then what is the operation method of LS126C Ultraviolet Radiation Meter?

LS126C Ultraviolet Irradiance meter

  1. Assemble the hooks on the instrument, as shown below:

  2. Press the "POWER" button on the left side of the instrument, it will display a set of data, and in the lower left-hand corner of the screen display No.1. This is the latest test data of the

  3. instrument.

  4. Press the "HOLD" button in the middle of the instrument to unlock the test on the instrument, the "No.1" mark disappears and the max value and RT value on the screen return to zero.

  5. Place the ultraviolet radiation meter on a fixed position of the hook, and the make the hook hang under the ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

    Ultraviolet Irradiance meter

  6. Turn off other fluorescent lights in the room and close the curtains, power on the ultraviolet germicidal lamp which need to be tested. And all the people can leave the room.

  7. After about 20 minutes, turn off the ultraviolet light and get the instrument. At this time the instrument has been already shut down automatically, press the "POWER" button to boot, the screen displays the "No.1" set of data, which is the test results.

According to the sterilization Lamp detection standard, LS126C Ultraviolet Irradiance Meter is equipped with a 1m test hooks, and the instrument will shutdown automatically after 10 minutes, it can test without people and any protective equipment.But we also need to ensure that only the ultraviolet light is on during the measurement process, no other external light,on in this way, the test data will be more accurate.



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