How to Detect UV Energy Real-time Online?

Time:2019/02/28 10:56:00 Browse:1012

  The UV energy real-time monitoring began to be used by more and more people. In the face of all kinds of UV energy instruments, what is able to achieve real-time UV energy monitoring? The LS129 UV Intelligent digital probeis recommended here.

LS129 UV digital probe

  LS129 UV Intelligent Digital Probeis a small size, but powerful intelligent digital probe. The probe is made of metal aluminum with plus a piece of high temperature line which can withstand high temperature 200 degrees. The technology uses RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol to transmit data. This is one of the most common mode of communication, which can be conveniently connected to PLC for communication,And monitor the real-time UV energy.
  According to the UV light source that needs to be tested, it can be customized to measure high-pressure mercury lamp, or a variety of bands of UV LED lamp probes. LS192 Digital probe can realize the real-time intelligent monitoring communication exactly indeed.



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