Guide for UV Power Puck Manufacturers

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UV power puck is a more professional ultraviolet light source detection instrument, which is usually used to assist the detection of various equipment equipped with ultraviolet light source. Many customers are still not sure whether they really need this product when consulting us about this product. If you are one of them, after reading this UV power puck manufacturer's guide, I believe that you will definitely have some knowledge about UV power puck. 

1. Guidelines for UV power puck manufacturers-application industry

Ultraviolet light sources are installed in many equipment to further dry, cure or expose the produced products. Common equipment includes UV exposure machines, UV glue curing machines, UV ink printers, 3D printers and so on.
       Taking UV glue curing as an example, too long or too short ultraviolet irradiation time will affect the final quality of the finished product. Too short irradiation time (received insufficient UV energy) may cause insufficient curing of the glue. Too long irradiation (receiving too much ultraviolet energy) time may cause waste of resources. The too long irradiation time of the purple line lamp, the speed of the conveyor belt and the distance of the ultraviolet lamp from the cured object will affect the amount of ultraviolet energy.
       In addition, the ultraviolet lamp is subject to attenuation due to the limitation of the material itself. If it is used for too long, the ultraviolet radiation intensity will decrease. After the light source is attenuated, some measures need to be taken to ensure the original production process. All in all, UV power pucks are used both when setting process parameters and when maintaining equipment at a later stage.

2.  UV power puck manufacturer guide-use

"UV" in "UV power puck" refers to ultraviolet light and "energy meter" indicates that this is an instrument mainly used to measure energy. The original UV power puck was only used to detect ultraviolet energy. As the market demand continues to increase, the functions of the UV power puck are increasingly rich.
       At present, the new UV power pucks have multiple functions, such as the LS130 and LS131 UV power pucks independently developed and produced by Linshang Technology. In addition to detecting UV energy, it can also be used to detect the power (irradiation intensity) of UV light sources and record measurements. The instrument can also display the power curve.
       Through an all-around UV power puck, users can comprehensively understand the power of the measured UV light source and the energy value over a period of time. Then, based on the detection data, we can determine the duration of the light, the speed of the conveyor belt. We can also know whether the ultraviolet light source is attenuated seriously and whether it needs to be replaced with a new light source according to the measurement data.

3. UV power puck manufacturersuse guide-how to use?

Different manufacturers use UV power pucks in different ways. Take Linshang  LS130 UV power puck as an example, this energy meter provides two measurement modes, one is manual measurement mode. The other is automatic measurement mode.

UV power puck manufacturer

The automatic measurement mode is more suitable for production lines with longer conveyor belts and shorter UV light sources. After the automatic mode is turned on, the instrument moves along the conveyor belt. After receiving a certain intensity of ultraviolet light, it will start measuring. If it is lower than this value, it will stop measuring. The intensity value of this trigger measurement can be set manually.
       The manual measurement mode is suitable for most measurements. Place the instrument on a conveyor belt or under the light source, then manually press the button to start the measurement and press it again to end the measurement.
       After the measurement is completed, the energy accumulated value, ultraviolet power value (irradiation intensity) and power curve of the ultraviolet light source during this period can be read on the UV power puck. If you need detailed data, you can also install computer software through the built-in USB flash disk and read the data stored in the UV power puck through the software.
       The above content is a guide for UV power puck manufacturers compiled by Linshang Technology. If you still have questions about this device, you can refer to “UV Energy Meter Selection and FAQ”  for more information.



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