Portable High Precision Light Transmittance Meter

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The high precision light transmittance meter is an instrument for testing the light transmittance of materials. Most materials, such as plastic, glass, film, paper, etc., have high requirements on the light transmittance of the materials during actual use. Today we will introduce the test of the transparent materials light transmittance.
       We may know a lot about the high precision light transmittance meter, but there are still large gaps between the high precision light transmittance meters, such as the difference in accuracy, shape, structure and aperture size. LS116 high precision light transmittance meter is a portable instrument for testing transparent materials, which has great advantages in all aspects.

1. Advantages of LS116 high-precision light transmittance meter?

(1) High accuracy, accuracy of ± 1%. It is the best accuracy among the portable high precision light transmittance meters on the Chinese market. It also uses a parallel light path setting to accurately test large thickness transparent materials.

(2) The split type high magnetic probe and the base can be used to test the sample material on the base, or you can remove it to test a large piece of material or the installed glass. The magnetic object is automatically attracted to the probe within 1cm thickness. 

(3) Compact and lightweight, powered by a 7th battery. It is easy to carry.

2. Application of high precision light transmittance meter

First, this is a high precision light transmittance meter with a regular transmission principle, so it is suitable for testing transparent materials. Second, the test optical aperture is 10mm, so the diameter of the measured material (the actual measurement area) must be greater than 10mm. The above is the limitation of the measurement conditions.

high precision light transmittance meter

After meeting the above conditions, the accuracy of this high precision light transmittance meter is ± 1%, when the resolution is less than 10%, the accuracy is 0.001%. When the accuracy is more than 10%, the resolution is 0.01%. The light transmittance measurement range of this instrument is 0.001% -99.8%. It is suitable for testing the transmittance of almost all materials, such as high transmittance materials. At present, it is the bottleneck of other transmittance meters on the market, but the LS116 transmittance meter does it.



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