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With the research and development of new automotive technology and new materials, the anticorrosion of automotive metals has shown rapid development. It will develop in the following directions:

(1) New materials will gradually replace some old metal materials.

Like high-strength and high-elastic-modulus composite materials, they have similar mechanical properties to metal materials. Under certain conditions, they have advantages that metal materials cannot match, such as corrosion resistance and easy coating.

(2) High-performance and multifunctional anticorrosive coatings will be widely used in the automotive field.

High-performance and multifunctional anticorrosive coatings can not only improve the appearance quality of the car. But more importantly, the high performance coating improve the intrinsic quality of the car, resist corrosion and prolong the service life of the car. The anti-corrosion coating used will change from the traditional type to the environmental protection type.
       The requirement for anticorrosive coatings service life will reach10 years or even more than 15 years. High performance and multifunctional anticorrosive coatings will be widely used in automobiles.

(3) A large number of metal-based composite materials with strong corrosion resistance will be used in automobile manufacturing.

Metal matrix composites not only have high specific strength, high specific modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, good high temperature performance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity but also have high resistance unmatched by general metal materials. 

Anti-corrosion coating thickness detection

coating thickness gauge

Anti-corrosion of automobile metal is important. But in the process of automobile anti-corrosion, the detection of the anti-corrosion coating thickness on the automobile metal surface is also an indispensable step. Because the coating thickness is an important indicator of whether the anticorrosive coating works. Measuring the coating thickness with an anticorrosive coating thickness gauge is one of the most important quality inspection indicators for automotive anticorrosive coatings. Linshang LS220H coating thickness gauge uses magnetic thickness measurement method and eddy current thickness measurement method, which can be used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on the surface of magnetic substrate. It can also be used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metal surfaces. The instrument adopts a separate design of the host and the probe, which is very suitable for the narrow space of the steel frame. It is very convenient to view the data while measuring in complex environments. This instrument has the characteristics of fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, stable zero position without drift and durability. The coating thickness measurement is simple and convenient whether indoors or outdoors.