Which Behaviors will Affect the Car Paint Surface Gloss?

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The way most car owners keep their cars clean. If the owner does not have the skills to sell the accident car and how to clean the car. Then in the later use of the car, the paint surface of the car may be seriously affected, the original gloss will be lost. The overall viewing effect will be seriously reduced.

1. The root cause of paint damage

(1) Wrong car wash behavior

To improve the visibility of the car ’s appearance, car owners need to master a lot of car washing skills. If the car owner lacks the common sense knowledge of frequent car washing without hurting the car. Then in the later stage of car washing, even with high-quality car washing equipment, the car cannot be maintained. The appearance is intact and even the paint surface is in constant corrosion. After 2 to 3 years, even if the owner cherishes the car very much, the appearance of the car also does not have any gloss.

(2) Use cleaning liquid casually

There are different types of car wash liquids on the market. For car owners, it is very important to choose the "car wash liquid" that suits them. Due to the different production processes of automobile production enterprises, the automobile products with poor finishes need to be maintained. Therefore, when washing a car, paying attention to the selection of high-quality car washing liquid can better protect the surface gloss of the car paint.

(3) Car wash in high temperature environment

The most serious damage to the car paint is cleaning the car in high temperature environment. When cleaning a car at high temperature. As long as there are water droplets, the strong sunlight through the condensation of water droplets will seriously peck the car paint. The careful owner will find that if the car is cleaned in high temperature environment, if the water drops cannot be cleaned in time, the black spot of the accident car sales will appear just below the water drops. Therefore, when cleaning the car, the owner chooses to clean up the paint in good weather to avoid corrosion of the car paint and affect the gloss of the car paint surface.

2. Automotive gloss tester

To test the surface glossiness of automobile paint, you can use Linshang gloss tester LS191. Linshang gloss tester LS191 is based on the principle of light reflection to test the surface glossiness of objects. Use numbers to indicate how close an object is to a mirror. To compare the gloss of the different objects surface, or the gloss of an object before and after use, you can easily determine the gloss of the object surface with LS191 gloss tester.

gloss tester

For car owners, the more knowledge they have about car use and maintenance, the higher the safety factor of the car. Especially when protecting the car paint, according to the specific use environment, choose a car wash method that is truly suitable for the owner. This we can avoid serious problems when cleaning the car, affecting the integrity and visibility of the car paint.



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