How to Choose Light Transmission Meter to Verify UV-proof Heat Insulation Glass?

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1. UV-proof and heat-insulating glass introduction

(1) UV-proof glass

Ultraviolet-proof glass by adding metal oxides such as titanium oxide, vanadium oxide and iron oxide to ordinary silicate glass. Then strictly controlling the melting atmosphere, a body-absorbing ultraviolet-proof glass with excellent performance can be obtained. So now there are special UV-resistant glasses. UV-resistant glass is glass that has the function of blocking (reflecting or absorbing) ultraviolet rays (electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of μ0.3 μ). Most ordinary glass has the function of absorbing ultraviolet to varying degrees.

(2) Insulation glass

Insulation glass is a kind of performance glass. Insulated glass can be divided into three types: XRB1, XRB3 and coated insulation glass. The three types of glass are slightly blue-green and nearly colorless. Among them, XRB1 is phosphate-absorbing glass; XRB3 is silicate-absorbing glass; coated heat-insulating glass is heat-insulating nano-powder. They do not absorb visible light, but rather absorb near-infrared light that generates a large amount of heat. Among them, XRB1 and XRB3 have obvious performance characteristics when high light intensity is required and heat needs to be removed. The use of good coated hot glass in construction can directly reduce the temperature, the temperature difference is about 3 ℃ -6 ℃.

2. How to verify the effect of heat insulation glass against ultraviolet rays?

We can use professional optical performance measuring instrument to test the UV-proof effect of the UV-proof heat insulating glass. It is recommended to use Linshang LS183 light transmission meter. This instrument is widely used, not only for measuring the transmittance of various glasses, but also for measuring the transmittance of materials such as PC and PMMA. This transmission meter can measure not only the 380-760nm visible light transmittance of materials but also the transmittance of 940 nm ultraviolet and 365nm infrared rays. It is definitely a great choice for measuring UV-resistant insulation glass. This instrument also has the following features:

light transmission meter
light transmission meter
  • Using parallel light design, it can measure large thickness measurement materials.

  • Three kinds of display interface switch between Chinese and English for easy reading.

  • The instrument has fast response speed and simple operation. Put the test object into the test card slot to immediately display the measurement result.

  • One instrument for three functions-infrared light transmission meter, ultraviolet light transmission meter and visible light light transmission meter.

  • The instrument is provided with a support rod and has a self-calibration function. It will automatically be calibrated to 100% transmission after it is turned on. The optical light transmission meter is turned on and calibrated.

Therefore, the effectiveness of UV-proof and heat-insulating glass must be tested by light transmission meter for its ultraviolet and infrared transmission.