Light Transmittance Meter for High Transparent Material

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Yesterday,we received a customer's feedback: They want to test high transparent PC film with a transmittance of 98% or more. And they use a variety of light transmittance meters indicating that the test data is all 100%, it is obviously problematic. Which kind of light transmittance meter should be used for a high transparent PC film with a light transmittance of 98% or more?

As a professional light transmittance meter supplier, Linshang Technology has been able to judge the situation immediately after hearing the customer's question. Considering that the customer has already found a variety of light transmittance meters, it does not solve the problem.We decide to let the customer send a sample first. After the test, we will send the picture to the customer for confirmation,so that the customer can use the Linshang light transmittance meter with confidence.

After getting the samples from the customer, we learn about the characteristics of this PC film.Look at the reflected light from the film against the light, we can see a slight rainbow pattern on the film surface.With high temperature resistance,flame retardant,anti-UV aging and other characteristics. This kind of PC film is mainly used for high-power LED lights,touch screens, monitors, mobile phone protective film.The following is a measured view of a high permeability PC film using the Linshang light transmittance meter LS116:

LS116 light transmittance meter

The light transmittance of this high-permeability PC film was tested by the LS116 light transmittance meter. The light transmittance of the high-permeability PC film was required to reach 98.6% or more. It can be seen from the test results that the transmittance of this PC film is satisfactory. Then why do customers will find a lot of light transmittance test data is 100%?

This is actually to start with the technology of the light transmittance meter.Most light transmittance meters can only measure 96% and materials whose transmittance are more than 96% will show 100% when tested. The Linshang LS116 light transmittance meter can measure 99.8% light transmittance.It can also distinguish the two places after the decimal point for such high light transmittance.It can be seen that the accuracy of this instrument is very high.

In different industries,different products will have different light transmittance test requirements, some products have very high light transmittance,some products have very low light transmittance. And some products may be very thick. For the different test needs of users, Linshang LS116 light transmittance meter can meet the needs all. It can be seen from the following important technical parameters:

  • Light source: 380nm-760nm full wavelength, in line with CIE photopic luminosity function.

  • Measurement accuracy: better than ± 1% (colorless uniform light-transmitting material)

  • Resolution: 0.001% (0% --- 10%); 0.01% (10% --- 100%)

  • Sample measurement thickness:

  • Sample measurement diameter: >10mm

  • Power supply: 4 * AAA alkaline dry battery

The light source used in the LS116 light transmittance meter is white light that conforms to CIE photopic luminosity function. It is guaranteed to pass the inspection of any Chinese national metrology institute and the accuracy is guaranteed to within ±1%. For high transparent products,the light transmittance can be measured to be 99.8%; for low transparent products, the resolution can reach 0.001%; for thick materials,the maximum thickness can be measured to 100mm.

light transmittance meter

Therefore,when you want to test the high transparent PC film with a transmittance of 98% or more,the Linshang LS116 light transmittance meter is absolutely suitable. As for the transmittance test for large thickness materials and low transparent materials, this light transmittance meter is also a very good choice.