High-precision Coating Thickness Gauge

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Compared with ordinary coating thickness gauges, high-precision coating thickness gauges have the main advantages in terms of functions and characteristics in terms of good stability, high measurement accuracy, good reproducibility and durability.

1. Characteristics of high-precision coating thickness gauge

(1) Stability of zero position: All coating thickness gauges need to be calibrated before measurement. Zero calibration can be performed on the zero calibration plate or uncoated workpiece with the instrument. Compared with ordinary coating thickness gauges, a high precision coating thickness gauge can keep the zero position stable for a long time after calibration, ensuring accurate measurement.
       (2) Temperature compensation: The measurement of coating thickness is greatly affected by temperature. Ordinary coating thickness gauges can obtain two sets of data with very different measurements at the same workpiece at different temperatures. Therefore, a high precision coating thickness gauge should have ideal temperature compensation technology to ensure measurement accuracy at different temperatures.
       (3) High measurement accuracy: High-precision coating thickness gauges generally use high-tech analog digital chips to ensure the accuracy of the collected data.
       (4) Durable: The most easily damaged part of the coating thickness gauge is the probe. The general coating thickness gauge accuracy will be affected due to the probe wear for a period of time. A high precision coating thickness gauge probe won’t easily get affected.

2. Introduction to high-precision coating thickness gauge

High precision coating thickness gauge

LS220H is a small and portable high-precision coating thickness gauge. It uses magnetic induction and eddy current effect measurement principles to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates such as steel and non-conductive metal substrates such as copper and aluminum. And in accordance with various national standards, it can ensure to pass the Chinese National Metrology Institute testing.



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