Choose Steel Structure Fireproof Coating with Coating Thickness Tester

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Steel structure fireproof coatings play an important role in life. The fireproof coating thickness is usually measured by a coating thickness tester.

Speaking of steel structure fire protection coatings, many people will not be unfamiliar. As the name suggests, it is also a fire protection coating applied on the surface of steel materials. Its quality directly affects the safety of human life and property. Therefore, the control of the fire-resistant coating thickness on the surface of steel structures is very important. A professional coating thickness tester must be used to help.
        In everyday life, it can be said that fireproof coatings for steel structures are used everywhere. So how to choose the one you need, there is a university question in it. Be sure to fully understand the relevant knowledge of fire protection coatings for steel structures and then cooperate with professional
        Testing equipment, such as coating thickness testers, can ensure the most basic selection guidance.
        First of all, we will briefly introduce Chinese specifications and standards for coating thickness of steel structure fireproof materials.

Literature  No. Classification Coating Thickness Performance

《Fire resistive coating
for Steel Structures》


Ultra-thin fireproof
coatings for steel structures

The coating thickness is
less than or equal to
3 mm

The decorative effect is good. It can expand and foam at high temperatures. The fire resistance is generally within 2 hours
2 Thin steel structure fire-resistant coating

The coating thickness is greater than 3 mm and
less than or equal to 7 mm

It has a certain decorative effect. It expands and thickens at high temperatures and the fire resistance is within 2 h
3  Thick steel structure fireproof coating

The coating thickness is greater than 7 mm and
less than or equal to 45 mm

It has a granular surface, has a small density and low thermal conductivity

Generally speaking, the ultra-thin steel structure fire-resistant coating has high aesthetic and ornamental properties, but its fire resistance is limited to two hours. This material is often selected for home decoration and can also be used in other building decoration in daily life. The thin steel structure fireproof coating also has a certain decorative effect, but it is not as good as the ultra-thin steel structure coating. And its fire resistance limit is also within two hours. The thick steel structure fireproof coating has strong fire resistance and is very small, which is very suitable for the construction of public buildings and professional workshops. Often the classification of thickness directly affects the huge contrast of performance. The above suggestions can make people form a clear framework of steel structure fireproof coatings classification in their minds and they can choose more.
        Based on a few points, we recognize that people need to buy different fire protection coatings for steel structures (there are some differences in prices), so choosing the right one can avoid waste of resources to the greatest extent. And the thickness of steel structure fireproof coating can only be accurately measured by the coating thickness tester.

coating thickness tester

The coating thickness tester LS223 developed by the Linshang enterprise is quite superior in practical application. One is that its range, resolution and error range are extremely accurate. The other is that it is easy to carry. It is convenient for measuring coating thickness on towers and bridges, ship boards, supports, highway barriers. In addition, this coating thickness tester developed by Linshang Technology can also be used to measure zinc, copper, chromium and other coatings or paint on steel surfaces.

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