Select Steel Wood Furniture with Coating Thickness Gauge

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As a kind of metal furniture, steel-wood furniture is widely favored by people. Professionals will use coating thickness gauges to check the relevant parameters.

In order to pursue higher gloss and decorative performance, more people like to buy metal furniture. The steel-wood furniture we often say is one of them. When buying, people will use the coating thickness gauge to measure the surface coating thickness of metal furniture to ensure the correct selection.
        The advantages of steel-wood furniture are obvious. We can not only paint different colors on the surface, but also plate metal on the surface. This all caters to the modern design concept of people following the trend: the surface of steel-wood furniture Gloss is enhanced and looks shiny.
        Steel-wood furniture often has stronger moisture resistance and fire resistance than wood furniture. This superior performance is inseparable from the power of its surface coating.
        When buying steel-wood furniture, people need to pay attention to some sub-good products that feel rough and rough, the surface coating is uneven and lacks basic gloss. This kind of furniture not only affects its surface appearance and texture, but also has a great lack in performance (poor toughness). There are also some flaws. We can't see much problem by identifying the eyes alone. At this time, we need to use a coating thickness gauge. In actual operation, you need to select several parts of steel-wood furniture and measure the data one by one. If the difference between them is not too large, then the surface coating of steel-wood furniture is better.
        We have strict requirements on the surface coating thickness of steel-wood furniture. Because the standard coating thickness is tightly attached to the internal components, it can effectively resist external pressure. Generally speaking, modern people use high-quality thin-walled carbon steel stainless steel with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm. This thin coating film layer has good ductility, is not easy to crack. It does not easily break after a long period of use. However, it should be pointed out that thin coating thickness does not meet the construction requirements. Because the surface coating of steel-wood furniture is too thin, it often results in poor abrasion resistance and weak adhesion. The surface film layer will often fall off. Therefore, furniture manufacturers need to rely on coating thickness gauges to get closer to standard coating thicknesses.
        The coating thickness gauge can accurately measure the coating thickness on the surface of metal furniture (steel-wood furniture). The data is measured and displayed very quickly, which can effectively save measurement time and further improve work efficiency. The operation of LS220H coating thickness gauge developed by Linshang Technology is very simple. It is convenient for measuring coating thickness of steel and wood furniture. Its small size is also convenient for carrying around.

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