How to Choose UV Light Meter?

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 We recommend you use Linshang LS125 UV Light Meter equipped with optional UVC, UVB and UVA-X1 probes to meet the measurement needs of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.
    The measurement of UV intensity is very professional and it is still a problem internationally. Because the effect of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light is different, just like the UVC band has a bactericidal effect, while the UVA band has a curing effect.
    In pharmaceutical companies, there are some special occasions where ultraviolet germicidal lamps are needed for sterilization, and at the same time, the stability of the drug under ultraviolet light is detected. So how do pharmaceutical companies choose UV light meter?
    When communicating with pharmaceutical companies, customers often say that “the intensity of UV germicidal lamps in clean areas should be detected by UVC meters, but the stability of UV-irradiated drugs need to be detected in UVA and UVB bands. In this way, it is necessary to purchase three UV light meters, the cost is very high. Is there a convenient way?"

LS125 UV light meter

In fact, there is, the Linshang LS125 UV Light meter is strongly recommended. A host can be freely equipped with 9 different probes. The host can intelligently identify the model of the probe, which is widely used in the industry. When purchasing, the pharmaceutical company only needs to purchase one set of  LS125 host, and then choose three probes: UVC, UVB and UVA-X1.
    When testing the intensity of the UV germicidal lamp with a UVC probe and then detecting the stability of the drug under UV irradiation with UVB and UVA-X1 probes .The probe is connected to the main unit, and the model number of the probe is intelligently recognized when the power is turned on. The
Linshang LS125 ultraviolet light meter not only makes operation easier, but also saves the cost of the enterprise.