Portable solar film transmission meter use frequently asked questions

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Linshang is a professional manufacturer of solar film testers. The LS16 series is a portable solar film transmission meter. Linshang has compiled a summary of the problems for you to use.

The Linshang Technology Solar Film Tester has an 11-year sales history. Based on various feedbacks from customers, we have also made several improvements to our products, and the quality of our products has been continuously improved. But there are still some problems that are inevitable. Here are some common problems and solutions.
       1. The power supply mode of the
portable solar film transmission meter is 4 AAA batteries. After receiving the instrument, the battery needs to be installed first, or the old battery is exhausted. After replacing the new battery, if the garbled on the instrument screen, the battery cell jumps, it means the positive and negative terminals of the battery are reversed. At this time, it is necessary to detect the positive and negative terminals of the battery and reinstall.

solar film transmission meter

2. The instrument cannot pass self-calibration after being turned on. This is mostly because the test sample is placed in the test slot at the time of power-on, and it is important to remember that there are no items in the slot when starting up. If it is a long-time using instrument, it may be because the ultraviolet light source is attenuated or the light source is displaced due to the collision. In this case, it may be necessary to send it back to the manufacturer for inspection to clear the specific problem.
       3. Care must be taken when using the instrument to avoid bumping. The internal and external screens of the instrument screen will be broken due to bumps. Once the screen is broken, the digital display will be incomplete. At this time, it is necessary to send it back to the manufacturer to replace the internal screen or the external screen.

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