Paint Thickness Measurement Unit Designed for Used Car

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Paint thickness measurement unit LS220 is an instrument specially used to test the car paint thickness. A professional paint thickness gauge help you accurately measure the paint status of used cars.

As long as you use the LS220 paint thickness measurement unit, you will get to know its high performance. Car appraisers would love to use it to test the car paint thickness after using it for the first time.

We all know that the accuracy requirements in the used car industry are the most important. Whether a car has been sprayed with paint or has it been repaired with sheet metal, it must be accurately detected. Therefore, the measurement accuracy of the LS220 paint thickness measurement unit meets the national B-level standard and ensures the inspection by the authoritative metrology institute.

220 paint thickness measuring unit

Linshang LS220 paint thickness measurement unit test the car paint thickness 

At present, the typical paint thickness measurement unit response time is 1s, while the LS220's measuring response time is only 0.5s. More than 120 data can be measured in 0.5s. If you use normal paint thickness measuring unit, you can only get 60 data in 0.5s. This is the difference in efficiency.

In addition, the stability of the automotive paint film meter LS220 was greatly appreciated by the customers. 

Linshang paint thickness measurement unit LS220 is only for solving your testing troubles. Except fot LS220 paint thickness measurement unit, Linshang Technology has also developed other paint thickness measurement units: LS220B Bluetooth automotive paint meter, LS230 single OLED automotive paint meter, LS232 dual OLED automotive paint meter. For details about Linshang automotive paint meters , please read "Paint thickness gauge selection and FAQ".



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