How to Avoid Traps by Using Car Paint Meter?

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How to avoid traps when buying a used car? This article takes the industry's best-selling Linshang car paint meter as an example to show you how to use the car paint meter correctly and buy high-quality used cars.

Statistics show that in 2019, the cumulative transaction volume of used cars in China was 14.9228 million, a year-on-year increase of 7.96%. In terms of months, the national second-hand car transaction volume in December was the highest in the whole month. The record monthly transaction volume reached a record high of 1.864 million units. Overall, China's used car market still has great potential for development. However, many car owners are worried about being cheated when buying used cars. With the improvement of technology, most of the used cars are returned to the factory for refurbishment. In order to evaluate the real situation of second-hand cars, some car appraisers will choose to use a car paint meter to help them inspect the car. Some car appraisers tend to use their many years of car testing experience to test cars. So whether to use a car paint meter? How to use the car paint meter correctly to avoid getting caught when buying a used car? We will give the answers in details.

I. Whether to use car paint meter or not?

The car paint meter is a professional paint film thickness measuring instrument of the car. We can judge whether the car surface has been repainted or repaired by sheet metal through the paint film thickness measured by the car paint meter. Some experienced second-hand car appraisers can judge whether the car has been painted by tapping on the car shell to listen to the sound and see the color of the car paint. Compared with car inspection based on experience, the biggest advantage of the car paint meter is "speaking based on data". After all, it is difficult for buyers of second-hand cars to believe in the experience of a car appraiser. At this time, the car paint meter is very important. Used car appraisers can usually use a car paint meter to measure the surface paint thickness of different parts of a used car, and show the customer whether the car has been painted by comparing with the original paint or the film thickness of different car parts.

II. How to measure the paint film thickness of auto parts of different materials?

Most of the car body shells are made of metal materials, steel plates, carbon fiber, aluminum, reinforced plastics, etc. The materials of the car shells and different parts of different uses are different. For the coating of different automobile materials, we usually need to choose the corresponding car paint meters, which cannot be generalized. Next, we will introduce what kind of car paint meter should be used to measure the coating on several materials commonly used in car shells.

1. Paint thickness measurement on automotive steel parts

The car shell is made of magnetic metal such as steel, etc. We usually recommend the use of magnetic induction car paint meter. The magnetic induction car paint metercan be used to measure the varnish, paint, enamel, chromium, galvanized and other non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrates such as steel.

2. Paint thickness measurement on automotive aluminum parts

The car shell also use non-magnetic metal such as aluminum copper, etc. It is recommended to apply the eddy current car paint meter. The eddy current car paint meter can be used to measure the non-conductive coatings such as paint, anodized layer or ceramics on non-magnetic metal substrates such as aluminum, copper, die-cast zinc and brass.

3. Paint thickness measurement on automotive plastic parts

If the car shell material is non-metallic materials such as plastics, it is recommended to use ultrasonic car paint meter. Ultrasonic car paint meter uses the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection method to conveniently and quickly measure the thickness of materials and objects. But the ultrasonic car paint meter is very expensive, with prices ranging from several thousand to ten thousand RMB.

III. Linshang car paint meter measures Mercedes-Benz R320

Many people don't know how to measure the thickness of a used car's paint film correctly using a car paint meter. Let's take Linshang car paint meter LS220B as an example to introduce how to measure the thickness of automobile paint film with the paint thickness measuring instrument. Linshang LS220B is a Bluetooth car paint meter. The instrument can be connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth. It can measure the paint film thickness of 17 parts of the car such as the door, front cover, left A pillar, right B pillar and so on. Eight data can be recorded in each part and the car paint meter can also automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value and average value.

We chose a very popular model-Mercedes-Benz R320 and measured it with the LS220B car paint meter. From the test report of the Mercedes-Benz R320 tested by Bluetooth car paint meter:

  1. Left B-pillar: 1445, 1496, 1524, 1411, 1584, 1652, 1498, 1369, average: 1497.4, minimum: 1369, maximum: 1652.

  2. Right B-pillar: 1258, 1119, 1283, 1255, 1100, 1127, 1237, 1410, average: 1223.6, minimum: 1100, maximum: 1410.

  3. Right rear door: 173, 169, 183, 180, 182, 176, 171, 174, average: 176, minimum: 169, maximum: 183.

  4. Right C-pillar: 266, 258, 261, 255, 243, 240, 245, 249, average: 252.1, minimum: 240, maximum: 266.

We usually judge whether the surface of the car has been repainted by comparing the thickness of the paint film on the roof of the car. Because the possibility of accidents on the roof is less. From the test report of the Mercedes-Benz R320 measure by Linshang auto paint thickness gauge, the average value of the left B-pillar: 1497.4, the average value of the right B-pillar: 1223.6, the average value of the right rear door: 176, the average value of the right C-pillar: 252.1. It can be seen from the measurement data that this Mercedes-Benz R320 may have been treated with sheet metal painting. Therefore, the part where the measurement data is relatively large should be checked. If you want to know more about the measurement results of this Mercedes-Benz R320 with a car paint meter and view the exported test report, please refer to: " Auto Paint Thickness Gauge Test Mercedes-Benz R320 Paint Thickness".

IV. Best-selling model of car paint meter

Dual-purpose probe for iron and aluminum
No multi-point calibration before testing
Measuring range 0.0-2000μm
Highly sensitive probe, test interval is only 0.5s
Price: $118
Model: LS220
Bluetooth function and can export test report
Highly sensitive probe, 0.5S fast measurement
It can measure 17 parts of the car and compare the film thickness of different car parts
Price: $148
Model: LS220B
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