How to Choose UV Energy Meter on Curing Machine?

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To select the UV energy meter used on the curing machine, be sure to choose the right manufacturer which provide thoughtful one-on-one sales, after-sales and repairs. Whether it can be measured is also very significant.

LS120 UV Energy Meter

The UV energy meter tests the strength and energy on the curing machine. The strength is used to determine the attenuation of the curing lamp, and whether the curing lamp needs to be replaced as well as determine whether the cured product meets the standard. Energy control, which is critical to the curing of the coating/glue, it can be achieved by increasing the time adjustment to reach the total UV energy requirement.
   The application of UV energy meters is becoming more and more widespread. How to choose the UV energy meter on the curing machine becomes a common problem. When choosing, many customers have some misunderstandings. The more complete the function, the better.
   In the industry, ultraviolet light is divided into four bands, namely UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV. Different UV energy meter manufacturers have subtle differences in the definition of the band. Because the spectral curves of various bulbs are different, it is necessary to know which band the UV curing lamp is in before selecting the UV energy meter, and then select the corresponding single-band UV energy meter.
   For the general user, the single-band
UV energy meter is much better than the multi-band in terms of accuracy and stability. And it’s more obvious in terms of anti-high temperature effects, and the price is relatively low.