How to Choose UV Light Meter according to Different Industries

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Different industries have different requirements for the UV band and intensity of the application. The corresponding UV light meter can be used to measure the UV intensity of the light source in use.

Different industries have different requirements of UV bands and intensity. So how does the light source in use measure the intensity of ultraviolet light? It is important to choose the corresponding UV light meter according to the type of the light source.

At present, the industries that need UV light meters include UV-curing UV glue, UV paint, sewage, pure water sterilization, aging test, non-destructive testing, electric arc welding, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, etc.

According to the industry information learned from customers, as well as the provisions in the national standards. We summarized how to choose the appropriate meter among the Linshang LS125 multi-probe UV light meter, LS126C and LS129.

UV-curing UV glue, UV paint industry, most of the light source used for UV curing belongs to the UVA band, and the light source often uses high-pressure mercury lamp and UV LED. Customers who use high-pressure mercury lamps will choose the LS125-UVA or LS129-UVA digital probe when selecting. The LS125-UVA probe can be selected for the simultaneous energy measurement.

Customers using UV LED sources will choose the LS125-UVA LED or the LS129-UVA LED digital probe. Customers who also need to measure energy values can choose the LS125-UVA LED.

In the sewage and pure water sterilization treatment industry, the most important thing is that the meter should have waterproof function. Because the light source used is basically a high-power UVC germicidal lamp, the LS125-UVC-WP waterproof probe will be selected. Or if you want to measure the radiation intensity of UVC LED light sources, you can select LS125+UVCLED-X0 UVC LED detector.

LS125 UVC WP waterproof probe

Electric arc welding is a kind of light that is very harmful. In the national occupational health standard, the method of measuring the arc radiation ultraviolet radiation of the workplace physical factors is clarified. Measuring the irradiance or exposure of the operator's face, eyes, limbs, and other exposed areas.
    If a protective mask is used, the UV radiation intensity of the eye area inside the mask should be measured. The main frequencies of the welding arc are also mentioned in the standard as 365 nm, 290 nm and 254 nm. LS125 plus UVC, UVB, UVA-X1 three probes can be used.
    In the aging experiment and non-destructive testing industry, the basic light source used is the UVA band mercury lamp, and the UVB band light source is also used. The customer can select the UV light meter according to the type of the light source.
    The LS125-UVA probe or the LS129-UVA digital probe can be selected for the UVA band of mercury lamps. Customers using UVB-band sources can choose the LS125-UVB probe. If both sources are used simultaneously, it is recommended to select the LS125 plus UVB, UVA probe.


In pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, the light source used by enterprises is basically a UVC low-pressure mercury lamp for sterilization. In the national standard, the detection requirement of the germicidal lamp of the medical institution is to detect the power of the lamp at a position 1 m below the center of the lamp. Taking a 30W straight tube as an example, the lamp power in use should be greater than or equal to 70uw/cm2 to be qualified. The new lighting power should be 100uw/cm2 or more, and most customers will choose the LS126C UV light meter with one meter hook.


Regardless of the industry, UV light meters are used to measure the luminous efficiency of UV sources. We will recommend the most suitable testing equipment to you when you contact the customer service staff at the time of purchase.



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