UV Energy Meter Manufacturers Guide

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320nm-380nm is called UVA in the ultraviolet rays. This waveband is mainly used in the UV curing process. High pressure mercury lamp and UV LED light source are two mainly used light sources in UV curing industry.
So how do you choose a professional UV energy meter manufacturer?
Energy is a very important factor in the curing industry. As a manufacturer of UV energy meters, Linshang Technology provide high-pressure mercury lamp energy meter LS130 for customers.


Many customers will ask the accuracy of the UV energy meter produced by Linshang Technology. The energy meter for high pressure mercury lamps produced by Linshang Technology can pass the test of Chinese metrology institute.
     The Linshang LS130 high pressure mercury lamp energy meter can also display the power curve. The power curve can be used to analyze which UV light source is broken down. The LS130 UV energy meter can test the energy value, power value, test time during the curing process and can be connected to a computer to print a test report.