Importance of UV Intensity Detection in UV Curing

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UV curing is popular due to its high efficiency and low cost. The process parameters required to control curing also require a professional UV energy meter to monitor the curing process of the UV lamp in real time.
    UV curing machines are widely used in plastics, electronics, lamps, automobiles, handicrafts, glass and other industries. However, in the UV curing, there is still a phenomenon that the ink does not dry. This is because the ultraviolet energy required during the curing process is insufficient, that is, the ultraviolet light source is attenuated. At this time, we need a professional
ultraviolet energy meter to detect the ultraviolet light source.

LS120 UV Energy Meter

What are the advantages of UV curing machine in use:
      1. Automatic machine operation can reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency;
      2. Reduce solvent evaporation, thereby reducing air pollution;
      3. Equipment space requirements are small, reducing plant costs;
      4. Provide controllability monitoring for the production process of the product and improve the pass rate of the finished product.
    However, when the UV curing machine is irradiating, there is also a phenomenon that the ink does not dry. The main reasons are:
      1. The ultraviolet energy (mJ/cm2) per unit time is insufficient due to the attenuation of the ultraviolet curing lamp source;
      2. The drying coefficient of the UV curing lamp does not match the ink ;
      3. After the ink is printed, it is not immediately UV-cured or placed for a long time to be UV-cured, and the chemical components in the ink have evaporated or deteriorated;
      4. The ultraviolet light source is not directly irradiated onto the surface of the ink, and the received energy is insufficient to completely cure the ink.
    These problems occur mainly because the UV intensity, energy and irradiation time required for the product have not been cured well. How many UV-intensity lamps are needed and how much energy is needed to cure the ink. These problems require a professional
UV energy meter to monitor the UV lamp curing process in real time, and equipped with professional personnel to record data for each curing. Analyze the time, energy, and intensity required and develop a fixed plan to monitor machine operations. The ultraviolet energy is the product of intensity and time. The time changes and the energy also changes. Therefore, when using the ultraviolet energy meter to compare energy, it must be ensured in unit time.
    The ultraviolet energy meter produced can not only test the energy, but also test the power value and display the test time, better monitor the change of the light source of the curing machine, and judge whether the relevant process parameters are reached.



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