Main Application and Detection of UV High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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The wavelength of the ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp is mainly concentrated at about 365 mm. The Linshang LS120 uv energy meter dedicated to mercury lamps is used for curing to detect the UV intensity and energy of the mercury lamp.
     Ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamps are high intensity gas discharge lamps. It uses the two-pole arc light to discharge mercury. The principle is named because a certain amount of mercury is added inside the tube. The inside of the mercury lamp is a vacuum condition. Under the high voltage excitation of the power source, the mercury inside the lamp tube is atomized to emit ultraviolet light, thereby generating a characteristic line of mercury vapor.

LS120 UV Energy Meter

High-pressure mercury lamps, also known as UV curing lamps, have a spectral range between 350 nm and 450 nm, such as 253.7 nm, 303 nm, 334 nm, 365 nm, and 366.3 nm, with wavelengths of 365 nm and 366.3 nm being dominant. The UV energy meter is mainly for this spectral band when measuring the energy of UV curing. This is valuable for the UV curing process because many photoinitiators have a strong absorption in this wavelength region.
    UV high pressure mercury lamps are mainly used for ink curing, photo printing, flexible packaging color printing, paper glazing, bamboo flooring, paint coating, printed iron can circuit board, curing of electronic components and plastic and rubber aging experiments and various UV curing. It is a UV-cured standard lamp and needs to be cooled by air or water, but it has high power .And it is suitable for photocurable coatings and ink coating lines requiring a fast curing rate.
    If you want to detect the strength of the UV high-pressure mercury lamp, you can use the
Linshang LS120 UV energy meter for mercury lamps. UV lamps with different wavelengths should use energy meters of corresponding wavelength.
Linshang LS120 UV energy meter is developed based on the spectral characteristics of the high-pressure mercury lamp. It mainly detects the ultraviolet intensity and energy of the mercury lamp at 365 nm.



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