Paint Measuring Gauge Application Fields

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The paint measuring gauges can conveniently and non-destructively measure the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the ferromagnetic material, such as the coating of zinc, copper, chromium, etc. on the steel surface or the thickness of the coating such as paint, enamel, fiberglass, spray, asphalt. The instrument is widely used in machinery, automotive, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, electroplating, spray, enamel, plastic and other industries.

1. Detailed service industry

  1. Printed circuit board and screen printing industries: These enterprises belong to a special industry using paint measuring gauges.

  2. Used car industry: Whether the used car is over-painted can be detected by the thickness of the paint film on the surface with a paint measuring gauge. In the used car industry, the instrument is called auto paint meter.

    paint measuring gauge measure paint film and dry film

  3. Electroplating, spraying: This industry uses a lot of paint measuring gauges, a large part of the users of paint measuring gauges belong to this industry.

  4. Pipeline anti-corrosion: the general anti-corrosion layer is relatively thick, need to be equipped with a large measuring range of paint measuring gauge, generally use LS223 and F5N3 coating thickness gauge.

  5. Aluminum profiles: This year, due to the implementation of the national mandatory standards, the impact of the license renewal of the profile enterprises, mainly on the oxide film above the profile. The state mandates the provision of relevant testing equipment including paint measuring gauges.

The above is the application fields of paint measuring gauge.