How to Detect the UV Light Source Printer?

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1. What's The UV Flatbed Printer?

A printer that prints flat sheets by UV-curing ink, called a UV light source flatbed printer. The UV light source flat panel printer adopts the most advanced UV LED light source, saves electricity and is environmentally friendly, does not require preheating, has no heat radiation, and the printing material is not easily deformed.The UV LED lamp has a long service life and the use and maintenance cost is extremely low.

2. The Advantanges of UV Flatbed Printer

Compared with ordinary flat-panel printers, the main difference between UV light source flatbed printers is that UV light or LED lamps are used to cure UV inks, and UV inks are quickly cured and imaged in a short period of time. This is a weak solvent flatbed printer that cannot be used in the past. And UV LED light sources flatbed printers are safer and more environmentally friendly than UV light source flatbed printers with traditional high pressure mercury lamps.

UV energy meter

3. How to Detect the UV Light Source Printer in Different Bands?

UV light sources play a decisive role in the entire printing process. UV ink is cured by the energy of light emitted by a UV lamp. Different inks are suitable for UV light sources of different wavelengths. The UV LED lamps used for curing have various wavelengths of 365 nm, 375 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, and 405 nm. For the detection of the energy of the UV light source in different bands, it can be done with a Linshang UV Energy Meter LS128. The UV integrator can test all UV LED sources with peak wavelengths in the range of 365 nm to 405 nm. Regardless of the band, the illuminating effect and curing energy can be accurately detected.
UV integrator LS128 also displays temperature and intensity plots when measuring the intensity and energy of a UV LED source.
      UV light source flatbed printers, due to the rapid popularity of their unique printing technology, all industries are developing towards UV printing technology, and the technology is gradually improving and the application is becoming wider and wider. Correspondingly, the development of UV light source, UV ink and UV integrator has also been promoted.



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