Best Instrument for Testing Automotive Paint Film Thickness

Time:2019/06/04 13:37:00 Browse:929

The coating thickness gauge LS220 is much more advanced in performance and workmanship. This meter is versatile and inexpensive. It is an essential tool for testing the thickness of automotive paint films.

coating thickness gauge measure the car roof

1. Functional aspects

  1. Some coating thickness meters must be calibrated frequently before testing. If used in quality testing it will seriously affect the efficiency of detection. However, the Linshang LS220 coating thickness gauge does not need to be calibrated and it can be used for a long time after simple zero adjustment.

  2. Rapid measurement, the probe is sensitive and a measurement can be completed in 0.5 seconds. How fast the hand speed is, how fast the instrument will be.

  3. With temperature compensation + analog signal digital end function: These two functions can make the instrument's sensor signal more stable and the instrument's test accuracy will not be affected when the temperature changes greatly.

2. Workmanship

  1. Adopt ruby probe: With strong corrosion and wear resistance, long service life and only cost 790 RMB.

  2. With single button. The boot and zero adjustment can be completed through one button, the operation is simpler than the other coating thickness gauges on the market.

  3. With small size, light weight and it is easy to handle and carry.


The Linshang LS220 coating thickness gauge is not only versatile but also inexpensive. It is an essential instrument for testing the thickness of used car paint film.