UV Energy Meter Price

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The UV energy meter is mainly used in the UV curing industry. Its function is to detect the energy of the UV curing light source and whether the power is up to standard. There are various kinds of ultraviolet energy meters from different manufacturers in the market, the functional shapes are different, the UV energy meter price is also high and low, and the performance of products at different prices are also different.
    The ultraviolet energy meters price ranges from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The UV energy meters price is also chaotic.
    Therefore, customers are advised not to buy them at the price level, and even some manufacturers of pirated instruments are very cheap, the instrument just mimics the appearance of other instruments with very low precision. If the same sample is tested multiple times with a pirated instrument, the data is very different.

UV energy meter price

Several famous brands of UV energy meters are very expensive, and the delivery time of orders is very long.
    Linshang LS120 ultraviolet energy meter is a professional test for high pressure mercury lamps. The LS128 UV energy meter is a professional test UV LED lamp with a range of up to 999999mJ/cm2. With power, temperature, time and temperature test functions. The price of these two instruments is only $412. Prices are really competitive compared to other brands.
    For the purchase of UV energy meter, the main thing is to look at the accuracy and technical support of the instrument. Because the instrument is not like consumables, one instrument can be used for three or five years, or even more years, so the price of the UV energy meter can often only be used as a reference. The price cannot be used as the main factor for purchase.