UV Light Measurement Equipment-UV Energy Meter

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Linshang UV energy meters are UV light measurement equipment designed to measure the power and energy of high pressure mercury lamps and UV LED sources. Used in the curing and exposure industries, it can be used to detect whether the UV light source is attenuated and to ensure curing process.

Ultraviolet light sources are mainly based on radiation and are used in industrial, agricultural and medical fields. In the industrial field, the biggest role of the ultraviolet light source is curing. The most used ones are UV high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LED lamps, mainly in the UVA band. Curing is generally to determine the energy value during the curing process. If the energy value of the product curing can’t meet the standard, the product will become a defective product or a waste product.

UV light measurement equipment

How to detect the energy of UV curing? The UV light measurement equipment UV energy meter can be used to detect the energy during the curing process.

There are four types of UV light measurement equipment from Linshang Technology: the LS120 UV energy meter and the LS130 UV energy meter for mercury lamps and the LS128 UV energy meter and LS131 UV energy meter for UV LED light sources.

The main differences between the four instruments are the appearance and spectral response bands, as well as the range. The specific parameters are as follows.


LS120 LS128 LS130 LS131
Spectral range





Measuring range


0-20000mW/cm² 0-2000mW/cm² 0-20000mW/cm²

Irradiance resolution



0.1mW/cm² 1mW/cm²

The four energy meters have an automatic measurement mode and a manual measurement mode and customers can switch the measurement mode according to their needs. If you want to know how to calculate UV energy and UV intensity, you can read "How to Calculate UV energy and intensity by UV integrator?".