Zero Calibration of Automotive Paint Meter

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The Linshang LS221 automotive paint meter is a split type paint thickness gauge. It is widely used in the used car industry. It is suitable for detecting the film thickness of narrow parts. The instrument uses a wear-resistant ruby material probe and transmits data by digital. The instrument can provide good test accuracy and repeatability.

The Linshang LS221 automotive paint meter is a split-type paint film tester designed to test the film thickness of Automotive. Compared with the LS220 paint thickness gauge, the LS221 Automotive Paint Meter is more suitable for testing the film thickness in narrow positions. .

The operation method of the LS221 split type Automotive Paint Meter is very simple. Just press the power button of the instrument and wait for the instrument to pass the self-calibration, then the measurement can be started. If it is the first time to use the LS221 Automotive Paint Meter, it is recommended to do zero adjusting at the first time to use. The zero adjustment of the LS221 Automotive Paint Meter is as follows:

  1. First press the instrument vertically onto the zeroing plate and press and hold the button for 3s.

  2. The Paint Meter will display the words“zero reference place probe”and press the zeroing plate according to the prompt.

  3. When the instrument prompts “Lift off probe at least 15 cm”, lift the instrument as prompted.

  4. The instrument will display 0.0μm, which proves that zero adjustment is successful, the test can be started.

LS221 automotive paint meter

The probe and main unit of the Linshang LS221 automotive paint meter are separate. When testing, the probe can be pressed at various positions to be measured without affecting the reading. The operation is very convenient. In addition, the Automotive Paint Meter can switch between mil and um units. When measuring the thickness of automotive paint film, we generally choose um unit. The measuring speed of the instrument is only 0.5s, which can be felt when measuring multiple times.



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