The Using Common Problems of Two Piece Tint Meter

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The two piece tint meter LS110H is a test instrument that can test the light transmittance, infrared blocking rate and UV blocking rate of the window tint of the car. 
    The instrument consists of two parts, the main and the auxiliary machine. The main machine is mainly used for measuring and displaying data. The auxiliary machine contains the light source for measurement and the laser for alignment. What are the common problems and precautions for this two piece tint meter?
    If the measurement interface cannot be entered normally, the prompt message “Please refer to the manual” appears.
The possible problems are as follows:
       1. The instrument is low-battery and needs to be charged, especially if the auxiliary unit is low.
       2. The auxiliary machine is not turned on.
       3. Turn on the two piece tint meter with other test materials between the main unit and the auxiliary unit.
       4. The two piece tint meter is damaged and needs to be sent back to the factory for repair.

The precautions for using the two piece tint meter are as follows:
1. The magnet with strong magnetic force in the main unit and the auxiliary machine is convenient for measurement operation, and care should be taken to avoid pinching the hand or damaging the glass sample during use.
       2. The laser position and accuracy of each tint meter (host and auxiliary) are paired and carefully calibrated. Different sets of window tint meter cannot be used interchangeably.
       3. If it can’t be turned on, the battery may be too low. Please charge it after a period of time.
       4. Please use the dedicated charger to charge the two piece tint meter.
       5. The area size of the sample to be tested must cover at least three test apertures at the same time.
       6. To ensure accurate measurements, avoid using the instrument under direct sunlight.
       7. During the measurement, a laser is emitted from the back of the auxiliary machine to prevent the laser from directly shining into the eyes.
       8. The instrument uses a standard 14500 lithium rechargeable battery. If the button operation does not work after charging, please use a screwdriver to open the two piece tint meter, remove the rechargeable battery inside the instrument, and reinstall it. If the instrument has been used for too short after being fully charged, replace the rechargeable battery.

two piece tint meter

9. What is the maximum thickness of the sample that can be tested by the two piece tint meter LS110A? The instrument adopts parallel light design, and the thickness of the test sample reaches 20mm or more. However, if the glass exceeds 20mm thick, the magnetic force of the instrument will not be enough to be adsorbed on both sides of the glass, and manual auxiliary measurement is needed.
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