What are the Precautions for Choosing Electric Thickness Gauge Manufacturer?

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Electric thickness gauge is a widely used instrument, such as coating thickness test on metal materials. If the thickness of the coating on the metal surface is not uniform, it will affect the quality and appearance of the product. Electric thickness gauges are important instruments in various fields, but most electric thickness gauge on the market are very poor in measurement accuracy and stability, so it is also necessary to pay attention to the choice of electric thickness gauge manufacturers.

LS220 electric thickness gauge

Requirements of selecting the right electric thickness gauge manufacturer:

  1. For example, Linshang LS220 electric thickness gaugecan be used to detect the thickness of non-conductive coating on various non-magnetic metal substrates and the thickness of non-magnetic coating on ferromagnetic metal substrates such as steel. The measured range is from 0 to 2000μm .

  2. Good electric thickness gauge manufacturer provides thoughtful after-sales service.Each electric thickness gauge enjoys 90 days of no reason to return, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance and other services, customers can rest assured to choose.



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