Ultraviolet Light Meter Used in Aging Test

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The aging test is mainly for the thermal aging test of rubber, plastic products, electrical insulating materials and other materials or the aging test for electronic parts and plasticized products.
    The main aging test items are: photoaging test + wavelength range: UV lamp aging (280-400 nm), carbon arc lamp aging (300-700 nm), metal halide lamp aging (280-3000 nm). Due to the high price and insufficient performance of the carbon arc lamp (the lamp needs to be replaced after 90 hours of use), it has gradually been replaced by the ultraviolet lamp.
Ultraviolet light meters have also been invented for UV lamp testing in aging experiments.

ultraviolet light meter

The LS125 multi-probe ultraviolet light meter independently developed by Linshang Technology can be equipped with nine different types of probes. The UVA-X1 probe is one of the 9 probes of the LS125 ultraviolet light meter. The spectral response range is 260nm-400nm. It is calibrated to a 365nm source and is suitable for aging test or intensity and energy detection in sunlight. The instrument can measure both energy and power values. The instrument has a wealth of statistical functions, real-time power values, maximum, minimum, average, measurement duration and energy values are displayed simultaneously.