How to Test the High Pressure Mercury Lamp for Curing

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UV Curing refers to the process of converting a substance from a low molecule to a polymer. UV curing generally refers to curing conditions or requirements for coatings (paints), inks, adhesives (glue) or other potting sealants that require UV curing. UV curing is different from curing with curing, curing agent curing, and natural curing.
    In the field of chemical polymers, curing is the use of ultraviolet light in medium and short waves (300-800 nm) under UV radiation. The photoinitiator in liquid UV material is stimulated to become a free radical or a cation, thereby initiating a reactive functional group. The process of polymerizing polymer materials (resins) into an insoluble and infusible solid coating film, which is an environmentally friendly, low VOC emission new technology. Common UV curing is high pressure mercury lamp curing and UV LED curing.
    How to measure the strength and energy value of high pressure mercury lamp for curing?
LS120 UV energy meter is special the intensity and energy measurement.
    We have an LS120 UV energy meter designed specifically for the spectral response curve of high pressure mercury lamps. Only 365 nm wavelength light can be used for curing in the light emitted by the high pressure mercury lamp. The spectral reception curve of the LS120 ultraviolet energy meter is as follows. The detector is most responsive to light at 365 nm. The data tested by this instrument can be tested by the National Metrology Institute of China.

UV energy meter

When the LS120 UV energy meter is tested on a conveyor belt, it is recommended to set it to the automatic mode, adjust the instrument trigger value to the appropriate value, and then turn the instrument on the conveyor. When the UV intensity received by the instrument is higher than the trigger value, the measurement will start automatically. When the trigger value is lower than the trigger value, the test will stop. After the test is finished, you can read the last data after booting, or you can connect to the computer to view the data and print the report.
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