How to Choose Suitable Solar Film?

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The first thing a new car owner does after picking up the car is to give car beauty. When there are so many kinds of solar film sold on the market, how to choose a suitable solar film for the car?
     In view of the counterfeit and inferior solar film on the market, it is necessary to detect whether the solar film is a veritable "automotive film". It is imperative to detect the quality of the solar film. We can use professional window tint meter to test the quality of the solar film. Linshang technology has
window tint meter for sale. We all know that the good performance of the automotive film are heat insulation and UV protection and good light transmittance.

LS182 window tint meter for sale

The Linshang LS182 window tint meter for sale is an instrument specially used to test the solar film. The main bands tested are UV 365nm, visible light 550nm, infrared 950nm, 1400nm, FULL IR and SHGC.  This meter is equipped with large liquid crystal display, showing the infrared and UV rejection rate and light transmittance. It is suitable for testing various solar films.