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Hot summers, private car owners will choose to put their own cars with thermal insulation and UV-blocking window film. Their knowledge of window film is basically derived from the introduction of the salesperson. If you use the data of a Car Window Tint Meter to show the owner the thermal insulation and UV-blocking properties of the window film, the salesperson's introduction will be more convincing.

What kind of instrument is the car window tint meter?

In hot summer days, the car's thermal insulation and UV-blocking properties are of concern. If the thermal insulation performance of the automobile window film is not good, the temperature inside the car will rise sharply after the car is parked outdoors for a period of time. When the drivers enter the car, it is often necessary to turn on the air conditioner inside and wait for a long time to cool the car.

The UV-blocking performance of automotive window films is more of a concern for most female car owners. Ultraviolet rays cause skin aging, the skin aging or accelerated aging are caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight. In addition, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can also cause eye diseases such as eye cancer, keratitis, and cataract.

Therefore, when buying a window film, the owner will consider the price and the thermal insulation and UV-blocking properties of the window film. At this time, the LS162 car window tint meter can be used for testing. Simply place the window film or car glass in the test slot of the Car Window Tint Meter to test the infrared blocking rate, UV blocking rate and visible light transmittance.

car window tint meter

LS162 Car Window Tint Mter

Through the test data of the Car Window Tint Meter, the owner can understand the concept of thermal insulation and UV-blocking properties more intuitively, and can also reduce the workload of the salesperson during the sales process.

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