Window Tint Meter for Automotive Windshield

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A portable window tint meter and a desktop window tint meter can be selected for testing window tint, but if you need to test the front windshield of the car, you need to use a split window tint meter.
    Linshang Technology has independently developed and produced a variety of window tint meters, including portable LS160, LS160A, LS162, LS162A window tint meter, LS180, LS181, LS182 desktop window tint meter and LS110A and LS110H split window tint meter. 
    The split window tint meter can be used to test the front windshield and the installed glass of the car through the separation of the main and auxiliary machines. After the car is attached with the heat insulation film, the instrument can be directly attached to the windshield. And measure the transmittance, the ultraviolet blocking rate and the infrared blocking rate.
    The following figure is a test chart of two split window tint meters. It can be seen that the instrument is testing three data at the same time, and the display interface is simple and easy to understand.

window tint meter

The biggest difference between the two window tint meters is the infrared source. The LS110A window tint meter contains an infrared source of 950nm and is suitable for testing absorbing or coated glass. The LS110H window tint meter has a built-in 1400nm infrared source that is suitable for most metal and ceramic films and coated glass.
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