UV Design UV Integrator LS128 Supplied by Linshang

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The range of ultraviolet light ranges from 200 nm to 380 nm. In fact, 320 nm to 380 nm is called UVA in the ultraviolet band. UVA is mainly used in the ultraviolet curing process. At first, people use the 365 nm high pressure mercury lamp. With the advancement and development of technology, mercury lamps have gradually replaced by UV LED light sources.
     In the curing industry, whether a material can be cured well depends on the energy. Therefore, it is necessary to use an UV design UV integrator to detect the curing light source. As a manufacturer of UV design UV integrator, Linshang Technology provides UV design UV integrator LS128 for customers.

LS128 UV design UV integrator

The Linshang LS128 UV integrator can display the power curve and temperature curve on the instrument; It can test the energy value, power value, test time and curing temperature during the curing process. This instrument can also be connected to the computer to print the test report for analyzing the curing light source. Especially in the case of abnormality in curing, it is possible to analyze which part is faulty by the displayed power curve. The UV integrator LS128 supplied by Linshang is the best choice for detecting UV LED lamps.



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